MicroChem  Laboratotories (Pvt) Ltd  offer a range of microbiology tests to cater to the growing needs of the industrial and domestic sector of Sri Lanka and Maldives

Water microbiology testing
Water testing is an important means of preventing waterborne disease. Various water quality tests are available to detect the number and types of microorganisms in water and assist industries and communities in keeping the microbial content of water supplies at a low level.
The following tests are available at MicroChem for the analysis of various water such as drinking water, bottled drinking water, mineral water, potable water, swimming pool water, cooling tower water, waste  water, well water, river water etc.

Total plate count / Total Coliforms count / Feacal Coliforms / Escherichia coli / Feacal Streptococci / Staphylococcus aureus / Salmonella / Legionella


Food microbiology testing
MicroChem  is prepared to work with you to avert potential food safety issues, providing a number of services  that can proactively identify issues and enhance customer satisfaction. Our food microbiology testing services include

Microbiological quality of  Cooked food or processed food such as rice dishes, curry dishes, desserts, short eats etc. / Raw food such as raw meat, fish, poultry, vegetables etc  / Fruit drinks / Canned food / Agricultural products / Consumables / Cosmetics / Drugs / Food contact surfaces and many more 



Water chemical testing

Although the great majority of quality problems with water are related to faecal contamination, a significant number of serious problems may occur as a result of chemical contamination from a variety of natural and man-made sources. In order to establish whether such problems exist, chemical analyses must be undertaken. Industrial water may  cause problems in machineries, heat exchange problems, corrosions etc. Such water should meet the industry based standards.

MicroChem offers water chemical testing services for drinking water,  potable water, swimming pool water boiler water, cooling tower and chiller water etc.

Waste water testing
Central Environmental Authority has recognized us as a competent laboratory  in performing waste water analysis. MicroChem offers pH, BOD, COD, TSS, Oil and grease , Ammoical nitrogen, Sulfide, and Heavy metal   testing for waste water.
Also we are a successful participant of the proficiency testing programs of waste water analysis conducted by CEA and Sri Lanka Association of Testing Laboratories.

Food chemical testing

MicroChem offers proximity testing for various types of food. Other items covered are table salts, cordials, jam, jelly, fruit drinks, sources   as per the national or international product standards.